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The rooms for rent “Nontas Home” is a family business that started three decades ago with love, passion and the goal of promoting genuine Lefkada hospitality. Our company is based on the passion for creating a tourist unit, which will combine the comforts for the visitor and the principles of the ancient philosophy of hospitality of the island of Epamineondas Karydis. Known to his friends, relatives and associates as “Nontas”, which was the main “ingredient” of the company’s name. It was his big childhood dream, which came true after many years of persistent efforts, endless hours of personal work and pure devotion to a specific vision for the space, which would host visitors to his favorite island from Greece and around the world. “His favorite place”: Kalamitsi Lefkada. That is why the rooms for rent “Nontas Home” were built by local craftsmen under the direction of Epamineondas Karydis, with respect to the local architecture and materials from Lefkada and the Ionian Islands, to exude the aura and atmosphere of the area.

It operated as an approved tourist business for the first time in 1995 but took its final shape, according to the vision and plan of Epamineondas Karydis during the renovation works of the period 2003-2004 in view of the Athens Olympic Games. Two years later, in 2006, the new generation, Nikolaos and Dionysias Karydis, took over the management of the business, who wanted to give a “fresh” but at the same time more friendly look to the premises and the rooms, without losing the feeling. of the family and the traditional, which was part of the vision of the company’s founder, Epamineondas Karydis.

After the necessary procedures and approvals, the rented rooms “Nontas Home” was completely renovated in 2011, with the aim of upgrading even more, maintaining the Lefkada hospitality, in a friendly and warm environment, with more modern amenities and even more facilities and services for visitors. . In addition, additional maintenance, landscaping and upgrade work is done every year, so that it remains an ideal choice for even the most demanding visitors. Thank you for your preference all these years and we promise to continue to improve our services, keeping our prices low all year round and upgrading our infrastructure and facilities. Enjoy your stay in a friendly and pleasant environment in our rooms for rent and we will make sure your vacation is unforgettable!

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