The complex “Nontas Home” is located in the beautiful and picturesque village of Kalamitsi in Lefkada, one of the oldest settlements on the island, which is built on the slope of the hill of Rachi. The village was built at a point in the specific area, so that it is not visible from the sea and does not easily become a target of pirate raids, but at the same time the residents have a view of the sea. Kalamitsi is located on the west side of the island of Lefkada, almost 23 km southeast of the city of Lefkada, just 7 km south of Agios Nikitas and about 20 km from the village of Vasiliki. A walk through the beautiful traditional alleys of the village will fill you with memories from past decades and images from the famous past of the village, which has many traditional houses and two churches: St. Spyridon, a small church in the middle of the street and the main church, dedicated to Panagia, who is also the patron saint of Kalamitsi, at the end of the hill. From the highest point of the hill, where the aqueduct of the village is located, the view to the enchanting beach, Kathisma is enchanting.

In the central square of the village, on August 15, a traditional festival is organized, which gathers hundreds of people every year. One of the well-known attractions of the village is the windmills: some of the 13 windmills remain in good condition reminiscent of the agricultural past of the area in grain production and at the same time provide beautiful views with their picturesqueness to the visitor. Although the village is not coastal in a short distance from its center, almost 3 km from its center, there are many successive, beautiful, small and very special beaches, known to the residents as Kavalikefta, Avali, Megali Petra, Gaidaros and others. a. “Nontas Home” is located at a key point in Kalamitsi (next to the road that goes to the most famous beaches of Lefkada, such as Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Vasiliki), to welcome all guests and offers unforgettable holidays in a relaxed and family environment!

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