It is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and has three of the most famous beaches in the world, according to top travel magazines.

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Lefkada is an island in the Ionian Sea and belongs to the island complex of the Ionian Islands. It is located between Corfu and Kefalonia. It is located very close to the coasts of western mainland Greece. A very narrow strip of sea separates it from Acarnania and a floating 50-meter-long mobile bridge connects it to it. It was this floating bridge that was the “connection” with mainland Greece, which defined it over time, historically and culturally, since it created a unique local culture, with Ionian, continental and Roumelian influences. It also has another special feature: together with Evia they are the only islands in Greece where access is by road.

The climate of the island is Mediterranean, with the main features of the great sunshine, the mild but rainy winter and the hot summer that is pleasant thanks to its cool winds. The island has several springs, such as the famous springs of Kerasia in Syvros, torrents that are once rushing and form small waterfalls, such as Dimosaris in the area of ​​Nydri and impressive gorges like those of Melissa in Sfakiotes and Haradiatika. The two lagoons, in the northern part of the island, are important wetlands for many species of birds.
Lefkada is considered the homeland of poets and artists in general.

Great people who have written history with their actions and works, not only in Greece but all over the world were born in Lefkada. Among them are the poets Angelos Sikelianos and Aristotle Valaoritis, the famous poet in Japan, Patrick Lefkadios Hern – known as “Yakumo Koizumi” – and the English academic and former Archbishop of England and Archbishop of Canterbury.

The maritime division of Lefkada is extremely rich. It consists of impressive beaches, peninsulas, cape – with a special cape Lefkata – bays that are extremely natural ports such as Vlychos, Sivota, Rouda to the east of Lefkada and Vasiliki on the south side. There are many successive bays in Meganisi, which create small impressive fjords.

Lefkada, with an area of ​​302.5 square kilometers, is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Islands and has a population of 23,000. Together with the islands of Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Scorpio, Skorpidi, Madouri, Sparta, Thileia, Kythros and others smaller around them, it administratively constitutes the Prefecture of Lefkada, which has as its capital the homonymous city and is divided into 6 Municipalities (Lefkada). , Ellomenou, Apollonia, Karya, Sfakioton and Meganisi) and 2 communities (Kalamou and Kastou).
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